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Maintaining records

Whether you are a sole trader or a company director you have responsibility for maintaining proper accounting records. We can advise on different accounting systems, or bookkeeping options depending on your size and appetite.

These range from open-ended custom solutions to basic electronic HMRC compliant accounting records. Your needs are likely to grow as your business grows, and we can assist in developing a long-term approach to your bookkeeping needs.

Bookkeeping support

We can be as “hands on” as you like. Some clients enjoy bookkeeping more than others, but perhaps you just need a bit of support when you come across unusual items, or need a greater degree of support. We can roll our sleeves up and get as involved as you would like or need.

We believe staying on top of the bookkeeping is essential. Knowing it is done properly reduces stress and enables you to manage your business properly throughout the year.

Core accounting services

We provide a full range of insured accounting services including all of the key accounting services that you need to pay taxes, file returns with HMRC and Companies House.

We also have a strong network of experts in specific fields to call upon or refer you to as needed – including the Institute of Chartered Accountants, specialist tax advisors, specialist legal advisors, bank managers, mortgage brokers and independent financial advisors.

Planning and budgeting

Even small business should forecast cash and maintaining working capital is essential to avoid “over trading”. Most small businesses have to be very careful with their working capital – and cashflow forecasting can really assist in proactively managing the business towards success.

It forces a clear understanding of how cash is used, and when it will hit your bank account. Planning will also provide reassurance when presenting financial information to banks, investors and shareholders.

KPIs and scorecards

Many small business owners are among the hardest working people that exist, but this does not guarantee success. The key is to work “smarter, not harder”. For example, we know that waiting for the cash to appear is not an option as profit arrives after sales activity, followed by a business process.

The sales pipeline needs to be understood and monitored whilst marketing activity needs to be focused in the right places to ensure the maximum investment leads to the best sales outcomes.

Performance reviews

Do you know how you compare with other similar businesses around the country? In other words, how profitable are you compared to a similar business in another area or county?

We work with other accountants around the country using anonymous information to compare and contrast your performance. This can help share best practice and drive efficiencies in your business. It may also assist in your business valuation helping you to understand how to plan for the future.

Management accountability

Many small and growing businesses do not have formal board meetings. Often the directors and owners are the same people and can get caught up in the day to day running of the business, with perhaps nobody holding them accountable to a larger plan.

Sometimes it is useful to have a review session with an independent “virtual” non-executive director, giving structure to their business strategy or growth plans whilst providing a valuable sounding board.

Business strategy

Nobody knows the future, but a plan always helps. A long-term view of the business is essential – it will inform every aspect of the business including staffing, budgets and any marketing or new business plans. It may also include an exit planning strategy.

Often SMBs start with a business plan, but the value is likely underestimated and there are other competing priorities. Getting it into a form that can be shared and refined can help focus the business.

Director support and coaching

Paul can work as a temporary or “virtual” non-executive director for businesses reaching a reasonable size. Services could include:

  • Chairing board meetings
  • Mentoring new directors
  • Undertaking budgeting/forecasting projects
  • New system implementation projects
  • Managing senior staff
  • Investment Appraisal projects
Accounting Services
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Finance Director Services
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  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Business Performance Review
Non-Executive Director Support
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  • Management Accountability
  • Performance Reviews
  • Strategy & Risk Assurance

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